Thursday, October 20, 2016

Is this the way ?

PRC tax to transfer system looks too much like social democrat  "camels "

Where's the race horse model

A capitalist won't give you anything unless you more then deserve it

Job ethic shines thru the deserts ordering v line cutting distinction method used by white working class males


Free universal this and that conflicts with earned benefits

means received thru job market mediations

What is produced determines the reward what hours worked
and wages earned at a market job
Not a bureaucrat's arbitrary determinations of " merit "
  Or level of victim hood

Public white collar job holders are the enemy of the white male nurse ratchet and sister teacher !!!

Black males have prison guards
White males have state  empowered ladies
Meter maids teachers and tax office ghouls

The Medical and credential complex

A middle class woman in a gate keeper capacity
looking down at you
Yup Hillary !

Post factory wage class and the white male

"Trump ....just doesn’t speak about service work, period. 
When he talks, it is about factory work, and it gets more energy from nostalgia than from economic analysis."

"Manufacturing is unlikely to come back as a high-employment industry. "

"The future will involve more service work, and ways to make service function as the foundation of a middle-class life are essential. "

"Yet that isn’t addressed by Trump at all."
"An obvious way to alleviate racial tensions is for workers to join together across races in unions, where solidarity and collective bargaining bind people together in a shared enterprise. "
"Yet, as people like Tamara Drauthave written, worker activism is increasingly in fields dominated by women and people of color."

" Finding ways to boost and amplify this activism is essential for the left."

" It is possible that Trump’s white working class could find solidarity with these efforts, but it is just as likely they would be further alienated."

What's weird in this list?

"...any sufficiently important left project going forward is going to involve at least four things: 

1 a more redistributive state, 

2 a more aggressive state intervention in the economy, 

3 a weakening of the centrality of waged labor, 

4 a broadening, service-based form of worker activism."

The conclusion ?

" These four points, essential as they are, will likely further drive Trump’s white working-class supporters away from the left, rather than unite them."

Okay point 4 has me head scratching 

But look at point 3 
" Any left agenda going forward.....will have to weaken the centrality and power of waged employment as the central arbiter of value of society. This takes a variety of approaches in the current debates: there are hard theorists of “post-work imaginations” like Peter Frase and Kathi Weeks. There
 are those who want to see non-waged work in the home, the “silent partner” of capitalism as Heather Boushey writes, protected and compensated as such. Then there are those like Andy Stern who think our ability to produce jobs will decline with future automation, and non-work security is just getting ahead of the curve..... Trump’s voters would pursue these options. As Alec MacGillis wrote in Who Turned My Blue State Red?, “these communities who are voting Republican in larger proportions are those who are a notch or two up the economic ladder.” And for them, the defining feature is work; those who don’t work are the problem, and the government is the problem for letting them do so. This is tied to redistribution but also goes beyond it. One thing that Hochschild finds is that her subjects use capitalism as an ordering of their lives, part of their system that dictates who is where in line.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The over all level path of any equity market can be controlled by the state ...while letting individual equites to move relative to each other

Let the public buy stock ?

Why not
The information about relative firm performance will get gathered for no change to the peoples state

Why is running a stock market worse then a lottery ?

Securities are a sublation of corporate capitalism
Go for it !