Saturday, April 15, 2017

the three class game of capitalism

Lancaster has only two

Add a class of small producers

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

take note : Latin AM populism now wrecked

For the Nth time


Must take commanding heights plus

Socialize key market pricing mechanisms

With mark up warrant systems

Exim first

neutral v natural

Why these pernicious labels

For various unicorns

We can imagine the state sitting on
its hands at some conjuncture

From that point on
How will
The existing
social production system develop

Is there a determinable path range

Is there a settling down
what are
the emergent features
state variables

Self disrupting systems may make
Such attempts at simple framing impossible

Even if a neutral  rate exists at each instant
One that is stable intrinsically
it may change
thru immediate following events

The system chases a moving target

With uncertain course

transaction accounting

The base in real time :

transaction space-time

This pretentious construct
is justified
and plausible now