Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stalinists agrarian policy. ...state share cropping with ideological window dressing thru forced collectivization ...end market mediation and household production units to increase the state take errr share

Justification :
acceleration of the construction of the industrial infrastructure
Ie base  ie the conflation of department I with investment intensive heavy industry

Why ?

To erect an adequate weapons building machine on top of that base

A Tragedy  if horridly brutal and wasteful
but not
 just a folly crazed bloody mindless
Not an Orwellian horror story

Real flaw
Belief in the armed workers bastion vision

A wrong heard vision so obvious in hind sight

Look at china today and Russia

Ask this simple question
How did the five year plans reduce the horrors of invasion in the one
And the absence of such human sacrifice increase horrors in the other

Did you know ?........Lenin was highly skeptical of the trot meme gosplan uber alles

Pro growth Incentives are really just a sub set of rewards to rent and quasi rent seeking

Forget output prices and wages it's The payments grid that's rigid ..too rigid

SSEMS and near SSEMS behavior

Spontaneous  simultaneous everywhere mass scale

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Renewed interest in the tax and transfer system

Rule one as we re open this social contrivance for expansion

The system must have access to general revenues and a limitless credit line
If full responsibility for maintaining optimal mobilization
 is the new mission

Nothing more is needed here

Once the individuals life time pay in
 a fractional basis only
  for their  lifetime pay out

Full accounting of this pattern at this granular level
 should be a matter for public viewing
absent relevant identity specifics

Magic tricks are emerging

Separate auto stabilization  and auto redistribution
From auto mobilization
Ie leave the employment ceiling vague or assume nairu and monetary reaction function built on nairu
Are technical issues not class politics

Separate automatic from discretionary

Compare to credit system as spending smoother

Incomplete markets  only on a tractable basis

And yet light pours thru the cracks

Single rep is doomed

Firm level Extractions from the social surplus : a circular accounting

The social surplus defined as
 Aggregate  value added less wages

The firm level extractions from value added

Are an extraction related to market power not contribution to social productions
 aggregate social use value

Ie a scarcity rent or dynamic residue
Example of each
Ground Lots on 42st NYC

Patents on I phone 6

Transaction based monitoring : new refs for old games

The electronic marketplace can be monitored in excruciating detail

Tallying thru payments and thru obligation originations
Allow the construction of a real time social exchange
Right down at the level of the  transaction based  network itself

The mark up warrants can be applied as they emerge in transaction
Drawn from a firms warrant account