Wednesday, October 9, 2013

self assembling structures built out of their own "work force"

like a cheer leader pyramid M-Blocks, developed at MIT, can flip, jump and self-assemble with no external moving parts, a major breakthrough in modular robotics. (<a class="tpstyle" href="" target="_blank">MIT</a>)Surprisingly simple scheme for self-assembling robots
"A prototype of a new modular robot, with its innards exposed and its flywheel — which gives it the ability to move independently — pulled out.    small, cube-shaped robots that can flip, jump, stack and assemble themselves into larger shapes with no exterior moving parts."

"The robots, called M-Blocks, use an internal flywheel mechanism to move and stick together using magnets.
The scientists envision miniature "swarmbot" versions of the M-Blocks that self-assemble like the "liquid steel" cyborgs in the "Terminator" films"

but these are structures made of workers like ant bridges

“We want hundreds of cubes, scattered randomly across the floor, to be able to identify each other, coalesce, and autonomously transform into a chair, or a ladder, or a desk, on demand,”