Monday, June 30, 2014

Paul K and Simple Simon.... and the NK dementia praecox

Macro Monetarism first As a means to mobilization or better re mobilization Of idle production factors Is capitulation to corporate board room sponsored think tank strategeery But on it's own terms it's proven as bankrupt as Samuelson tobin macronomics Look at 1951 to 1979....... 28 years Now look at 1983 to 2009 ....26 years Two epochs that led to debacle The first caused a revulsion from the prevailing policy paradigm Look at the second epoch Where's the revulsion now ? Imagine any mobilization utilization macro strategy That even if Implemented under low initial household debt ratio conditions led in about twenty five or thirty years to an utter flummox like 2009 Why would you advocate such a policy even in the first twenty years of the interval ? knowing spirits oughta now cancel the monetary first macro policy We attach to that drip of snot called NK macro right out of the starting blocks