Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stalinists agrarian policy. ...state share cropping with ideological window dressing thru forced collectivization ...end market mediation and household production units to increase the state take errr share

Justification :
acceleration of the construction of the industrial infrastructure
Ie base  ie the conflation of department I with investment intensive heavy industry

Why ?

To erect an adequate weapons building machine on top of that base

A Tragedy  if horridly brutal and wasteful
but not
 just a folly crazed bloody mindless
Not an Orwellian horror story

Real flaw
Belief in the armed workers bastion vision

A wrong heard vision so obvious in hind sight

Look at china today and Russia

Ask this simple question
How did the five year plans reduce the horrors of invasion in the one
And the absence of such human sacrifice increase horrors in the other