Thursday, August 18, 2016

Exports are for global integration not instruments of national macro policy

Yes peoples china and Christian democrat Germany
Both demonstrate the value of aggressive export policy
Pursued with equal success by all nations .......
But shit folks it isn't pursued with equal success by all nations

Yes firms targeting global markets can expand faster then firms trying to
Take back a domestic market
It's simple
Easier to find sales in bigger markets
Bigger markets are better markets
The whole earth is full of markets
Home markets always  mean a smaller target
and home markets
Always equal
stringent pre conditions absent special aid from the state  or other domestic institutions and customs

Scale of production is stunted
Range of products multiplied


The global system must have rapid adjustment mechanisms
That now don't exist
It's all about unilateral invasions of foreign markets

It's all about the giant MNC s that act as de facto arbiters of cross border trade patterns and prices

Sociopathic enterprise