Monday, August 19, 2013

is FED policy all about anchoring "output price inflation expectations" or tar pit-ing job markets ?

"anchoring and re anchoring  inflation  expectations"

what a con job that is  eh comrades

these anchors look to be unable to hold  us in  place
                          even in the slightest of storm currents

but this anchor conceit
              a bum figure  anyway

its a drag not an anchor
a drag  where?
  in the calculator of  market pricing  deciders ?

 we have no model of price setting

luckily for our professors from OZ
 this is not a problem

up there in OZ

as if
 with angelic grace

  the OZIAN  hosts
  have self  atomized both  themselves
  their  N product and  M job markets

      making every agent into a complete  price taker