Monday, July 7, 2014

back to the NRA ???

a comprehensive industrial policy at the national level...

the last time we had even close to one
             was the arsenal of democracy

-- some say the NRA was the only real full blown INDUSTRIAL POLICY ..
                                  .......fair enough ---

okay we had a partial policy
 after the kold war hit warp drive
post nsa 68

the point remains
 we as global hegemon have sublated
our narrow national interests for many decades

since 1945 uncle sam has more or less
operated official policy
with the larger earth wide interests of our multi national trans border corporations
upper most in his mind
in fact so much upper most
even secondary mnc concerns trump
                      primary domestic job class concerns

to pull this off
 within the formalities of a two party liberal democracy
is really quite a fete ??

housing a totalizing global security state
completely inside
a liberal  nation state

why it's like a matryoshka doll system

the mind gapes
and rattles itself with  an aweful trembling