Monday, July 7, 2014

mankiw and peak debt

the mankiw piece is an addiction story eh
simple message drink that booze like you drink it now
for another 15 years and you'll have a pink elephant moment
and a 5 year turkey trot over thin ice
but cut that crap out now
sure the joy of the happy hour high will leave its cavity in the soul of your job day
a certain purgatory trumps a perfect hell baby
pure preacher boy bull balls
paine said in reply to paine...
addicted primarily to longer it would seem
and maybe a bit better too
err health wise
the theory behind starting now
not in 15 years ??

if you boil the frog slowly enough ...
paine said...
jump out of the mankiw pot now amerika !!!
rewrite the rule book
paine said...
we had one of these moments already
recall the moynihan greenspan payroll tax and benefit fix ??
that was so well slid in on us
it wasn't till twelve years or so ago
it begain to really bite
but you hardly feel what you miss all together
do we know today what that the trust fund build up
has cost us in additional burdens and forgone simple pleasures ??
well a couple trillion left in your pockets
you jobbled creeps
spread over 12 years or so
isn't the biggest alternative policy route
i can imagine
bringing the boys and girls in helmets home
and declaring peace with the world
exceeds that by a few times
--- as our anne faithfully points out
at every juncture --
but its still real money eh ??
there's more
there's the rampant
private health "CARE" sector !!!!!
go back to 65 and use the swedish or german trend cost rise
not ours
talk about yer boiled frog !!!!!
why betwqeen premiums and payroll taxes
the median gal in our job class has gone practically no where despite large gains in her per job hour value added
my my
no wonder the Dembos the party of the little people
has lost the faith of its base