Friday, January 27, 2017

Ancient Ken Boulding "Conventions of generality and mathematical elegance may be just as much barriers to the attainment and diffusion of knowledge as may contentment with particularity and literary vagueness... It may well be that the slovenly and literary borderland between economics and sociology will be the most fruitful building ground during the years to come and that mathematical economics will remain too flawless in its perfection to be very fruitful."

I doubt the development of  frigidly formal ( with or without fudge sauce )
single rep
rat ex macro models
from what ..
The mid 70's to the late or mid 80's......

....Add in of course
the concurrent and subsequent elite smothering of alternatives ......
......Until September 2008 finally popped this most cunning of brain zits....

Has many peers for clog effect

Surely this interval
Will challenge scholars to find a better fulfillment
                  of stammer' Ken's prophecy