Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No need to go over board Serious gains from ABMs exists once you posit three agents

The bust out from the one eyed rat rep agent  models is complete

Let's get cooking !

The fact market economies are not just big complex beautiful machines is now

   Well digested
The use of classical  if largely rudimentary Mechanical   engineering math
will be harder to strip out
It's like a sacred language for the priesthood

But we an see thru that easily enough with some awareness of the form confining the substance
Even if
Indeed transmuting  autonomous minds  into free moving molecules happens as we pass thru to the paradigms of yore !
But the formalisms congenial to that paradigm are not the road block
The paradigm itself is the road block

Yes even non linear systems are molecular not mindful

Translation alone is not transformation
Building in more complexity may not add to enlightenment
Generating  Chaos is not  discovery