Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Barry itchenburger "Chinese policymakers must now put the horse before the cart. The most important step they can take to foster renminbi internationalization is to strengthen domestic financial markets, modernize regulation, and streamline contract enforcement. If China wants to transform the renminbi into a first-class global currency, it should pay less attention to renminbi trading in New York and the currency’s weight in the SDR basket, and more to the development of deep, liquid, and stable financial markets at home."

Barry wants what ?

   A Han domestic credit crisis ?

Why do these academic bath tub admirals
Continue to give
the politburo
 low marks on managing the PRC's financial system ?

The record since the Deng reforms
  Doesn't match what their models tell them must happen !

 the politburo may indeed at long last
roll into the slough of  pro corporate dogma