Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rubin strikes back

we need structural reform in many critical areas, often in conjunction with public investment. "

" Twenty percent of our children live in poverty — that’s a moral disgrace and highly counterproductive economically. "
Yes we need to exploit our home grown human resources more effectively 

"Breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty through 
early family intervention"
Ho hum

" transitional public employment to provide jobs and workforce readiness"

The sweet end of the wedge 

Humanist gulags for the bottom of the crop 

 See bondage bobby can be an H Gulag fan  too 
Just not universally 
But for the unfortunates down there in the muck 

Hey gotta start somewhere 

And he's ready for more !

" develop innovative measures to address ongoing wage and job pressure from transformative technological development. Those measures might include ......"

"public employment.,,,,,,"