Monday, October 10, 2016

Belabor ing the obvious Larry Ziffle style :"There is increasing reason to doubt that the industrial world can simultaneously enjoy interest rates that support savers, financial stability and adequate growth. Saving has become overabundant, new investment insufficient and stagnation secular rather than transient."

It can hardly come as a great surprise that when economic growth falls short year after year, and when its beneficiaries are a small subset of the population, electorates turn surly. "

Feature the following 
"sweep of history lived "

" Looking back at the political traumas of 1968, 
when people were in the streets in many countries,
 it's clear that there was something going on beyond specific issues 
like Vietnam in the United States."

Come to today fans !

"  In the same way - with Brexit, 
the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, 
the strength of right-wing nationalists in Europe, 
Vladi­mir Putin's strength in Russia, 
and the return of Mao worship in China "

Gotta love that last bit eh ?

" - it's hard to escape the conclusion 
that the world is seeing a renaissance of ......." "......populist authoritarianism."!!! 

Ever better ?  

Larry likes playing stentorian oracle   Always with his  signature "oink oink " however 

"60 years of populist policy cycles in Latin America demonstrate....economic nationalism in its strong form " not ".....a viable economic strategy."

Fudge word as usual

" strong " 

But to be a bit fairish

"And the focus of international economic cooperation more generally needs to shift from opportunities for capital to better outcomes for labor."

" The achievement of this objective will require substantially enhanced cooperation to address what might be thought of as the dark side of capital mobility "

"- money laundering, 
regulatory arbitrage 
and tax avoidance and evasion."

Several other cross border arbitrage "opportunities "
Might be added of course ...of course ..........of course 

But that's to be expected ....