Thursday, October 20, 2016

Post factory wage class and the white male

"Trump ....just doesn’t speak about service work, period. 
When he talks, it is about factory work, and it gets more energy from nostalgia than from economic analysis."

"Manufacturing is unlikely to come back as a high-employment industry. "

"The future will involve more service work, and ways to make service function as the foundation of a middle-class life are essential. "

"Yet that isn’t addressed by Trump at all."
"An obvious way to alleviate racial tensions is for workers to join together across races in unions, where solidarity and collective bargaining bind people together in a shared enterprise. "
"Yet, as people like Tamara Drauthave written, worker activism is increasingly in fields dominated by women and people of color."

" Finding ways to boost and amplify this activism is essential for the left."

" It is possible that Trump’s white working class could find solidarity with these efforts, but it is just as likely they would be further alienated."