Friday, October 7, 2016

Democracy and the foundational liberal assumptions

Rubber stamp electorates
are becoming restless and unruly

Greece Britain Columbia
What's next ?

The unruly majority  gives the age old game
questioning democracy
a new liberal constituency

"All across the West, we’re seeing the rise of angry, resentful, nationalist, xenophobic and racist movements, movements made up mostly of low-information voters. Perhaps it’s time to put aside the childish and magical theory that democracy is intrinsically just, and start asking the serious question of whether there are better alternatives. The stakes are high."

A hah ! 
My god the votin' majority is...racist ...or worse !

Where's their deference
Where's their forbearance

Vigilantes  to the right of Us
Mobs to the left of Us

We liberals need to get back to Gladstone !