Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shoot off Spence's pecker ..u can tell a pig by his oink

Read this:

"An exchange-rate transmission channel won’t do much good, because it does not augment aggregate demand; it just shifts demand around among countries’ tradable sectors."

Hoot hoot hoot 

Probably there's Nothing better for demand 
then a full round of deval versus deval
And consequent global inflation 

Just think how it works  To shrink the real value of existing debt ?

But Spence for hire 
        would rather 

Cut  entitlement payments
To there by cut the generated deficits
   Useful to demand sustenance

Better to take the opportunity 
To shrink the  public tax and transfer system 
Not the macro debt jacket 

Yup cut fiscal deficits not trade deficits

See any contradictions here comrades! 

And he even pretends to recommend demand enhance ment 

And don't imagine ole spence does not eithe
Because he knows just what he's up to 
Under all this buzz word hive swirl 

Hey the bastid even throws in " inequality "

Just to sex up the pig here 

This MNC cut out 
needs time in the virtual gulag