Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"As I have said before, humans are, at a very deep and basic level, gift-exchange animals. We create and reinforce our social bonds by establishing patterns of "owing" other people and by "being owed". We want to enter into reciprocal gift-exchange relationships. We create and reinforce social bonds by giving each other presents. We like to give. We like to receive. We like neither to feel like cheaters nor to feel cheated. We like, instead, to feel embedded in networks of mutual reciprocal obligation. We don't like being too much on the downside of the gift exchange: to have received much more than we have given in return makes us feel very small. We don't like being too much on the upside of the gift exchange either: to give and give and give and never receive makes us feel like suckers. We want to be neither cheaters nor saps."

Really  free trader vulgarus  rampancy... no?

Socially binding overlapping systems of  "ethical "and moral Reciprocity
Hard worded into our social being
Gets entirely slipped
through the eye of the market needle

Without serious modifications

Yes the wage bargain is right there under the Xmas tree with the Santa presents
  ...or at least in the same family room