Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PK on brads saps and moochers

" What Brad is getting at is the widespread belief by, well, almost everyone that they are entitled to — have earned — whatever good hand they have been dealt by the market economy. "

This is reflected in the more or less universal belief of the affluent that they deserve what they have; "

Note market economy not brads capitalist market economy 

Here hamlet let alone being absent from the action
isn't even the name of the play 

But Hey look again at the last line 
maybe he's going after the big rent hogs like Wilbur Ross !

"you could see this in the rage of rentiers at low interest rates, because it’s the Federal Reserve’s job to reward savers, right? "

NOPE  affluent not rich but at least it's about unearned income 
Not the tacit and universalized
job compensation system as the only system explicitly faulted for 
Generating too variable rent shares

Job markets under capitalism are naughty 
Whatever !

Here's  the fateful thunderbolt 
At the white trash   Klanish kan Klangs 

" In this terrible political year, the story was in part one of 
people in Appalachia 
angrily demanding a return of the good jobs they used to have mining coal "

Not really it's the anger of those job losers
callously wiped out 
A righteous rage 
That the whole proces is immoral 

Blighted communities 

Where's the Job like acceptance ?

Do not question the market God almighty 

"what Brad is saying, I think, is that what those longing for the return to coal want is those jobs they deserve, where they earn their money — not government handouts, no sir."

Fair  is new jobs that pay well 
 not  old jobs now obsolete 

Note the sanctimonious secular Calvinism  embedded in this phrase
" A fact-constrained candidate "

" But is that really all there is? Working-class Trump voters do, in fact, receive a lot of government handouts " — they’re almost totally dependent on Social Security for retirement, Medicare for health care when old, are quite dependent on food stamps, and many have recently received coverage from Obamacare"

These other then food stamps and the health exchange subsidy 
are  "earned benefits " tied to employment not relative household impoverishment 

". Quite a few receive disability payments too. "
Wow where is this serpents lingo pointing ?

" they don’t want those benefits to go away. "

" But they managed to convince themselves (with a lot of help from Fox News etc) that they aren’t really beneficiaries of government programs, or that they’re not getting the “good welfare”, which only goes to Those People."

Awesome ! Paul 

"It has to be about culture and, as always, race."

The white trash "  other "
" The bad other  "
is your unaknowledged euro blood brother Paul 

Self loathing disguised as moral judgement ?
I only wish it were so