Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No theory of systematic exploitation just the gathering in by the fortunate of bountiful bushels of capricious rent sprouts

The laying out of wages in exchange for the performance of productive activity

Specifically the production   of commodities

Brad. Likes to notice marginal use value added so long as the marginal exchange value added
 Is uneasily and undistinctly yoked alongside

According to brad the good is the bad as well
  but for scale effects of production there would be no nasty rents
And yet to the point
 no shared  mutual gains from commerce doux or douche

voluntary though this exchange of work for pay
by definition must be

Scale effects in production !

a mighty sorcery indeed

"A "contribution" theory of what a proper distribution of income might be can only be made coherent if there are constant returns to scale in the scarce, priced, owned factors of production. "

"Scarce priced and owned " factors of production indeed 

The lucky consequence of tens of thousands of years of groping social evolution 

"...... Only then can you divide the pile of resources by giving to each the marginal societal product of their work and of the resources that they own." 
Divide what brad ?
Piles of outputed commodities or piles of imputed resources 

That evades the role of conscious contrivers
Self aware exploiters

The drivers and residual beneficiaries
Rents are contrived they hardly exist unsystematically
Hardly as just one damn wind fall after another

Cooperation and division of labor
Plus the evolution of productive technique and productive means

Brads beloved socially constructed networks and accumulated knowledge
And it's embodiment in " accumulated " augmentable productive "mechanisms " etc

The social surplus