Thursday, December 8, 2016

What about fast lumpy industrial " trade and flight related change " and sudden local sink holes

PK  can't raise a sink hole 
pack up move on ..
" Actually....... Part of the whole Trump phenomenon involves white working class voters rallying around a candidate who promised to bring back the coal and industrial jobs of the past, and lashing out at anyone who refuses to make similar promises. "

" Yet the promise was and is fraudulent. "

" If trying to get the analysis right is elitist, we’re in very big trouble — and perhaps we are."
Her comes the liberal mash unit ! ! 
"....So what would a political manifesto aimed at winning over these voters look like?"
"  You could promise to make their lives better in ways that don’t involve bringing back the old plants and mines....with health reform and family policies and more. "

" But that apparently isn’t an acceptable answer."

Not even  free tickets and u hauls for the family to anywhere  in the sun belt 
and 6 months free rent and an above market above mortgage  purchase of your present digs 

Why not ?

Lives destroyed by a rigged system require rectification not melioration

Smash the party of   Mutt
destroy the party of  Jeff 

End the rigged system !