Thursday, December 8, 2016

Neo liberalism was the essential product of social democracy as it's contradictions fully emerged in the 70's

Social democracy as a set of policies and programs
hit all it's various ...state by state ....category by category ...high water marks everywhere
some time between 1966 and 1982

Regardless of when
   All long since past now

Enter various shades of neoliberalism as the counter evolution

Now neo liberalism is in deep shit and yet what is the world historical negation
 Surely not a return to the abandoned projects of social democracy

Well perhaps rhetorically
But surely not substantively

Note the calls here for European solutions while Europe is in crisis over these solutions

More like Denmark dear Bernie cries
While Denmark only darkens in its own apparent impasse

Ah the tragic sense of history !

Better yet the soap opera of mangled humanist dreamscapes
Personified by that sophomoric Nassau tabby Paul kugel man

With his bathetic sense of  bummerhood :
this story of America
Has no apparent  Hollywood ending