Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sandy recaps Kalecki with apocalyptic certainty ."The truth, though, is that even if Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic Party nominee and even if he won a landslide victory along with majorities in both houses of congress -- Sanders, like Syriza in Greece, would have been forced to yield before the threat of a general strike of capital. The corrosive effect on political democracy of the perpetual threat of capitalist general strike makes preparation of the proletarian general strike the only path to deliverance from plutocracy and ecological catastrophe."

Really that dire ?

Start with Greece

The party imposed un necessary constraints on itself

Audacity in action was called for after the referendum
Instead ....cave in

the lessons of KL macro  offer a path thru and out  of the corporate gauntlet
once power is in our hands
We can blow right thru the far end of the boxed canyon it's not rock face it's stage mâché
Not just for advanced systems like Greece or Spain

The Dornbush  curse on emerging systems
can be lifted

Allende Ortega Chavez type radical projects can succeed