Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My pal brad wants an answer to the fall 08 crisis and credit system melt down ...but brad it's the stag that hurts us now

Okay okay

At any rate CB follies deserve a look see and re cap

Even though
I'm not " into " reforming Wall Street

I come to slay  Wall Street not to feed  it

For me
This by brad is sufficient insight

"The root problem of 2008 was a failure to recognize that the highly leveraged money center banks had used derivatives not to distribute subprime mortgage risk to the broad risk bearing capacity of the market as a whole but, rather, to concentrate it in themselves."

Now step two 

Why did they do this and why might they do something similar again 

Brad wants 
the regulators to blow their whistles pre emptively ...next time 

But brad 

These umps have no  clout 
On the field of play 
If Wall Street doesn't like a call
The umps get ignored or by passed 

It's like fan based umpiring 
No impact 

The big banks stay at the plate till they get a hit