Sunday, October 2, 2016

The material base of domestic production

Services are like a super structure

One service sector we call the innovation sector has peculiar characteristic of course
When and if
The innovation sectors outputs
Feed  back as inputs into the underlying  material production system
It is
With a transformative impact

But here's the point

The embodiment of innovation is the real addition to everyday social welfare
These enhanced or novel products and processes of material production
Are the physical base of added social  welfare

Not the innovations in blue print form etc

In the long run trying to tax the production sector to capture
Fr the innovation sector itself
Capture that additional
Welfare  value of the innovation
Reflected in the market pricing of the material product
Is for all practical purposes
a tyranny
An extortion
A crime against humanity
That will be evaded over turned counter acted
In the limitless forward  stretch of time

Isolated innovation sectors
 without production facilities attached to its mouth
 Will need armadas of collection enforcement and recuperation