Thursday, November 3, 2016

50 th reunion tidings

This day by snail mail came 

 "A letter "

To my squint 
It proves
 From no less then 
 the year zero full 50 reunion committee 
                       of the Choate school class of 67

Amidst much substance I find this :

" the values and lessons
we learned .....
from Seymour St John 

                and our masters ...."
Argh ...

[ V and L's ...Eh mates ..truly !  
Truly ...truly so ... Yes V and L's ]
        " ....upon which
we built our careers and our lives "

Our Careers and lives ....!!! 

(A pause here ) 


Per chance per chance ....

The  quality of mercy is deeply strained 
It droppeth like the sweet  doctors blade 
    upon the necks beneath ....

...roll tumbrels roll .....
May haps
many a classmate still may meet
the  slicing kiss of death
 before I too
   Big sleep with the fishes of the deep