Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trust has a golden mean ?

"More trustworthy participants, because they are overly-trusting, earn about 20% less on average in our experiment; on the other hand, more untrustworthy participants, because they are unwilling to expose themselves to social risk, also forgo about 20% of earnings compared to those with more moderate trust and trustworthiness "


we trust about as much as we are trustworthy 

Then we better believe there are some untrustworthy types out there
So make yourself by habit one who
trusts but verifies 

But know thyself as no saint 
Know thou shalt be 
trust worthy ...mostly 

The untrustworthy other gets personified as what

The crouching chinaman ?
the Jew in a sharp suit  ?
the guy with the mustache and a dragon  tattoo ?