Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump could kick off a boom ..then what ! !

Why not
A huge top down tax cut and a unprecedented infra structure build out
plus a neo kold war weapons program

Not a prediction just one of his options

This is liberal wishful thinkng ..perhaps

".... prepare for the likelihood that Trump will move from attacking the most vulnerable to betraying the rural and white working people who turned out for him. "

" He won in part because he told them they had been betrayed by Democratic elites, and the Democrats did not succeed in refuting him. "

" But he has nothing for those voters except a vicious identity politics that cloaks standard right-wing tax-cutting, government-slashing, and regulation-gutting."

Really ?

I recall liberals missing the prospect of a  Reagan recovery too 

Off topic but I like this intoxicated prose line even if it's off course 

"  He told them they lived in a merciless world, and they agreed with him,
 but he has no mercy to bring. "

But here is its happy ending that has no guarantee to arrive in time to 
Rout this. Paul Bunyan sized
    milo minder binder 

"You do not have to forgive the votes for Trump, or excuse the reasons behind them, 
to understand  that, as ever, political majorities need allies,
 and Trump in time will prove to be a true friend to very few people."