Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rocket boy bob reich on the Dembo elite

" Democrats once represented the working class. 
But over the last three decades the party has been taken over by Washington-based fundraisers, bundlers, analysts, and pollsters 
The elite core has focused on raising big money from corporate and Wall Street executives, 
and getting votes from upper middle-class households in “swing” suburbs."

" While Republicans played the race card to get (the white {ed} ) working class to abandon the Democratic Party, 
the Democrats simultaneously abandoned the ( white {ed}) working class – clearing the way for Trump." 
"Democrats have occupied the White House for sixteen of the last twenty-four years, and for four of those years had control of both houses of congress. But in that time they failed to reverse the decline in working-class wages and jobs."
"Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ardently pushed for free trade agreements without providing millions of blue-collar workers who thereby lost their jobs means of getting new ones that paid at least as well."
"They stood by as corporations hammered trade unions, the backbone of the ....(white {rr} ) ...working class – failing to reform labor laws to impose meaningful penalties on companies that violate them, or help workers form unions with a simple up-or-down votes."

"The unsurprising result has been to shift political and economic power to big corporations and the wealthy, and to shaft the working class. That created an opening for demagoguery, in the form of Trump. "
"The pertinent question now is: "

Will we the rank and file remove these  big eared trumpista enablers from party control ?