Monday, November 14, 2016

Found a topic : the political economy of anti Trumpism or the hocus pocus of the Cosmo elite

First the Nassau terrier in fright chatter

"My own first instinct was to say that Trumponomics would quickly provoke an immediate economic crisis, but after a few hours’ reflection I decided that this was probably wrong. I’ll write more about this in the coming weeks, but a best guess is that .,,,,

there will be no immediate comeuppance."

Yikes he might succeed where Barry failed !!

Two other opening shots:

One by olive oil blanchette
The other by Larry Ziffle

Won't review them just
The scramble is on !

Look to a fad building
Worse then the Jeremiah bull frogging over early little bush ?

I'd count on it

misdirect the Donald like he's Polyphemus
And the cosmo mandarins
are the clever Greeks trapped in his cave

The great fear
Huge to down tax cuts plus
Arms build ups and no abatement of transfer payments
Well hell crew

The prick may just succeed !

Cooking each of them in his boom time cauldron

Nw depending how it's told
Reagan did just that
But little bush didn't