Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dean gets dizzy fighting the Washington post

In a longer then perfect piece
Dean rebuts the post ed board on progressive political economy

He's like a panther in a field house cage full of sheep

There's so much to kill and too much to eat

He needs a magic sword

The notion of exploitation

The split of market income into earned and expropriated
The gist or better the core social mechanism

A de facto corporate administered " exploiters private taxing system "
on the gross earnings of the job class

A system we can transcend
by socializing most of the surplus now extracted privately

Essentially the system can function on a tiny fraction of the existing privatized surplus
Exploitation can be socially optimize
At least approximately
And the optimum is small compared to the present privatized hunk of the social surplus
....just enough to incentive the enterprisers
The agents of our dynamic  development of the production system