Monday, November 14, 2016

When I see the word tensions I reach for my dialectic ..are these tensions contradictions

Put a wig and nose glasses  on a social contradiction and it plays like a tension

In polite company

China today peoples china
has a massive contradiction
Her urban and rural " pieces"

The Hukou, system, 
the lack of portability of pen- sion plans, 
weak labor market institutions,
 and inadequate job market information)
 the quality gap in public ser- vices available 
to rural and urban households has widened,
the “opportunity gap” between urban and rural areas has grown. 
Social tensions have ratcheted up 
 resulting in a growing number of pub- lic protests.
 Unresolved, these tensions 
could pose a threat to growth and stability in com- ing decades."


Aka antagonistic contradictions !!! 
In Mao speak 

Successive segments of the party - state   Policy paths
---since at least 1989  ---
have only sharpened this basic contradiction

Time to end these contradictions "peacefully " is running out

Think of Trumpism with Chinese characteristics

A " Maoist " face
Could bring spontaneous populism to a hearty roil
among the  left behind rural masses
And their migratory off spring
Open the city gates ?
Not enough !

The fully socialized equal opportunity and outcome
 tax and transfer system
must hook in universally
 no two china policy
No other china
   their rootless right less  " place "  in production
  in the city and on the coast