Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leave wage streams be uncle !...The ever expanding transfer system needs to grab more of the social surplus

Yes we need to realize its always a patch work

A vat tax would be better then this payroll tax as a base for the transfer system

But a prog tax on surplus incomes would be even better

What is the surplus income stream in toto

Okay what about retro taxation
A wealth tax in disguise called a life time income tax
After a one time make up levy

Long as we over scimitar the 0.1 %
in the levy

A claw back levy makes for a great left populist demand

Recall left populism is just left social democracy without benefit
Of an education
In modern political economy ie  transfer systems plus  KL macro

The transfer system is historic social democracies enduring gift
KL macro the road not travelled out of keynesville center

Populism makes a great mass line
 Even now
Social democracy never penetrated the mass mind in any comprehensive way
Because the notion of a social surplus
Extracted by exploiters was not part of the inter class contract
Of  center right social democrat. civil pacifism
A wealth levy motivated by a popularly comprehended
Mass desire to retake the surplus not extracted since Reagan
Combined with
The return of the proceeds of the Reagan Moynihan pay roll robbery