Sunday, October 2, 2016

"The banking system shows, furthermore, by substituting various forms of circulating credit in place of money, that money is in reality nothing but a particular expression of the social character of labour and its products, which, however, as antithetical to the basis of private production, must always appear in the last analysis as a thing, a special commodity, alongside other commodities."

Credit is more revealing of the social inner springs of an exchanged base economy
Then money itself

Imagine if all payment was universally perceived
as in every instance
A certainty
There would only be credit
A nice paradox that

Dissolving into its opposite

The. Terms of payment the more certain it's happening
Given a process of re contracting
The less the actual contracted means of payment becomes a practicality

One keeps track only as a record

These perfect credit system of angel agents
Immortal indestructible
Simply roll everything over as a matter of course
Relying on the counter party to remain with in bounds
When there are no bounds for the counter party